Among the Forest People cover

Among the Forest People

Clara Dillingham Pierson (1868-1952)

1. To the Children
2. Mr. Red Squirrel Comes to Live in the Forest
3. Why Mr. Great Horned Owl Hatched the Eggs
4. The Swaggering Crow
5. The Red-Headed Woodpecker Children
6. The Night Moth With a Crooked Feeler
7. The Bees and the Kingbird
8. The Story of the Cow Bird's Egg
9. Mrs Mourning Dove's Housekeeping
10. The Young Blue Jay Who Was Not Brave Enough To Be Afraid
11. The Red Squirrels Begin Housekeeping
12. The Biggest Little Rabbit Learns to See
13. The Little Bat Who Wouldn't Go to Bed
14. A Swarm Leaves the Bee Tree
15. A Haughty Ground Hog
16. The Undecided Rattlesnake
17. The Quarrelsome Mole
18. The Wild Turkeys Come
19. The Travellers Go South
20. The Ruffed Grouse's Story
21. A Mild Day in Winter

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Another delightful children's book by Clara Dillingham Pierson about various forest animals - what they do, and what they are like. Each one also giving subtle moral and life lessons to young children.