The Amazons: A Farcical Romance cover

The Amazons: A Farcical Romance

Arthur Wing Pinero (1855-1934)

1. 0 - Introductory Note
2. 1 - Persons of the Play
3. 2 - Act One
4. 3 - Act Two
5. 4 - Act Three

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This 1895 farce inspired by the outlandish idea of women wearing pants, centers around the predicament of the three daughters of the eccentric Marchioness of Castlejordan, who determined to have sons, raised them like boys. She encouraged them to dress and act like boys at home, yet dress like ladies when out. As the girls come of age, they are conflicted. They want to please mother by acting as her sons, but, suddenly smitten with three gentlemen, they are compelled to grow up and be ladies. When their suitors secretly come to woo, they aren’t sure what to do……and what will mother do if she finds out?