All That Matters cover

All That Matters

Edgar A. Guest (1881-1959)

1. All That Matters
2. Until She Died
3. The Call
4. Mother and the Baby
5. Old-Fashioned Letters
6. God Made This Day for Me
7. Forgetful Pa
8. Motherhood
9. Playing For Keeps
10. The Frosting Dish
11. Play the Game
12. When the Young are Grown
13. The Boy's Ideal
14. Just Half of That, Please
15. The Common Touch
16. Marjorie
17. The Newspaper Man
18. A Boy and His Dad
19. Bread and Gravy
20. The Grate Fire
21. The Kindly Neighbor
22. The Tears Expressive
23. The Joys We Miss
24. Little Feet
25. Just Like a Man
26. Clinching the Bolt
27. His Pa
28. Example
29. Winding the Clock
30. The Need
31. Ten-Fingered Mice
32. The Things They Mustn't Touch
33. The Harder Part
34. Youth
35. Accomplished Care
36. Bulb Planting Time
37. His Other Chance
38. The Family Doctor
39. Denial
40. The Workman's Dream
41. The Homely Man
42. Unchangeable Mother
43. Life
44. Success
45. The Lonely Old Fellow
46. Somebody Else
47. Effort
48. Living
49. A Warm House and a Ruddy Fire
50. The One in Ten
51. To A Young Man
52. Afraid of His Dad
53. Service

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A collection of poems about life. Written in an easy and interesting style this book includes poems about many parts of family life, motherhood, babies, dads, and youth. None of them long, they focus the listener on the blessings of life.