Agatha Webb cover

Agatha Webb

Anna Katharine Green (1864-1935)

1. A Cry on the Hill
2. One Night's Work
3. The Empty Drawer
4. The Full Drawer
5. A Spot on the Lawn
6. "Breakfast is Served, Gentlemen!"
7. "Marry Me"
8. "A Devil That Understands Men"
9. A Grand Woman
10. Detective Knapp Arrives
11. The Man with a Beard
12. Wattles Comes
13. Wattles Goes
14. A Final Temptation
15. The Zabels Visited
16. Local Talent at Work
17. The Slippers, the Flower, and What Sweetwater Made of Them
18. Part 1 Some Leading Questions
19. Part 2 Some Leading Questions
20. Poor Philemon
21. Surprise for Mr. Sutherland
22. Sweetwater Reasons
23. Sweetwater Acts
24. A Sinister Pair
25. In the Shadow of the Mast
26. In Extremity
27. The Adventure of the Parcel
28. The Adventure of the Scrap of Paper and the Three
29. "Who Are You?"
30. Home Again
31. What Followed the Striking of the Clock
32. A Witness Lost
33. Part 1 Why Agatha Webb will Never be Forgotten in Sutherlandtown
34. Part 2 Why Agatha Webb will Never be Forgotten in Sutherlandtown
35. Part 3 Why Agatha Webb will Never be Forgotten in Sutherlandtown
36. Father and Son
37. "Not When They Are Young Girls"
38. Sweetwater Pays His Debt at Last to Mr. Sutherland

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A universally beloved woman has been murdered. But who would have the heart to kill Agatha Webb? Would her husband do it for money matters? Or would it be the cook, who died at about the same time? Or would it be the rich and well-connected Mr. Fredrick, who ran away into the woods? This work is also for feminist fiction lovers. As the story starts right after the murder, we see how Miss Page, a servant at a rich house who is the sweetheart of the same Mr. Fredrick, wants to join the investigation- and is constantly prevented from doing so by conservative men.