Against Odds cover

Against Odds

Lawrence L. Lynch (1853-1914)

1. "Chicargo Gits My Money"
2. "I Told My Tale Of Woe"
3. A Conundrum
4. "I Can't Make Myself like Him"
5. "It's All A Miracle"
6. "A Criminal Hunt"
7. "It Was Greenback Bob"
8. "Straight from The Shoulder"
9. In Disguise
10. Carl Masters
11. "I Dislike A Mystery"
12. "More Dangerous Than Hate"
13. Face To Face With Delbras
14. Missing - Carte Blanche
15. The King Of Confidence Men
16. That Little Decoy
17. "Those Two Women"
18. "If You'll Find One, I'll Find The Other"
19. "Strange! Mistaken! Heartless!"
20. "We Must Understand Each Other"
21. "Let Me Laugh"
22. "There Is Danger - Near!"
23. "You Are Suffering In My Stead"
24. "It Is Our First Clue"
25. "It's A Snare"
26. A Columbian Guard
27. "I'd Swear To Them Hands Anywhere"
28. "Now Down!"
29. "Fire! Fire! Fire!"
30. "It Shall Not Be All Suspense"
31. Sir Carroll Rae
32. Found Dead
33. "A Mercyful Dispensayshun"
34. "Eureka!"
35. After All

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Believed to have been written by Chicago socialite, Emma Murdock Van Deventer, this detective story set at the World's Fair follows Carl Masters as he is in pursuit of international criminals Greenback Bob and Delbras. Conmen, lost handbags, jewel robberies, an adventuress... not to mention two missing young men and a murder, all come under the detective's eye. ( Lynne Thompson)



- Against odds

Very well read mystery against the back ground of the chicago world fair. Interesting and entertaining story. Lynne Thompson does an excellent job reading.