Adventures of Roderick Random cover

Adventures of Roderick Random

Tobias Smollett (1721-1771)

1. Author's Preface and Apologue
2. Chapter I
3. Chapter II
4. Chapter III
5. Chapter IV
6. Chapter V
7. Chapter VI
8. Chapter VII
9. Chapter VIII
10. Chapter IX
11. Chapter X
12. Chapter XI
13. Chapter XII
14. Chapter XIII
15. Chapter XIV
16. Chapter XV
17. Chapter XVI
18. Chapter XVII
19. Chapter XVIII
20. Chapter XIX
21. Chapter XX
22. Chapter XXI
23. Chapter XXII
24. Chapter XXIII
25. Chapter XXIV
26. Chapter XXV
27. Chapter XXVI
28. Chapter XXVII
29. Chapter XXVIII
30. Chapter XXIX
31. Chapter XXX
32. Chapter XXXI
33. Chapter XXXII
34. Chapter XXXIII
35. Chapter XXXIV
36. Chapter XXXV
37. Chapter XXXVI
38. Chapter XXXVII
39. Chapter XXXVIII
40. Chapter XXXVIX
41. Chapter XL
42. Chapter XLI
43. Chapter XLII
44. Chapter XLIII
45. Chapter XLIV
46. Chapter XLV
47. Chapter XLVI
48. Chapter XLVII
49. Chapter XLVIII
50. Chapter XLIX
51. Chapter L
52. Chapter LI
53. Chapter LII
54. Chapter LIII
55. Chapter LIV
56. Chapter LV
57. Chapter LVI
58. Chapter LVII
59. Chapter LVIII
60. Chapter LIX
61. Chapter LX
62. Chapter LXI
63. Chapter LXII
64. Chapter LXIII
65. Chapter LXIV
66. Chapter LXV
67. Chapter LXVI
68. Chapter LXVII
69. Chapter LXVIII
70. Chapter LXIX

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I am Roderick Random. This is the contemporary story of my struggle against the adversity of orphan-hood, poverty, press gangs, bloody duels, rival fortune hunters, and the challenge to be well-dressed through it all. In the course of recounting my adventures to you, dear reader, I will give you a front row seat to the characters of English eighteenth century life including highway robbers, womanizing monks, debt-laden gallants, lecherous corrupt officials, effeminate sea captains, bloodthirsty surgeons, and my dear friend Miss Williams, a reformed prostitute. Educated in the classics, armed with a confident conscientious attitude and my long-suffering sidekick, Strap, I fight the good fight staying, on the whole, morally upstanding throughout. Today, if there be such a thing as true happiness on earth, I enjoy it -- and without having spent a fortune on college either. After hearing me out, I expect you'll be as wonderfully transported as one dear wealthy gentleman who listened to my whole story and then blessed God for the adversity I had undergone, which, he said, enlarged the understanding, improved the heart, steeled the constitution, and qualified a young man for all the duties and enjoyments of life much better than any education which affluence could bestow.