Adventures of Poor Mrs. Quack cover

Adventures of Poor Mrs. Quack

Thornton W. Burgess (1874-1965)

1. 01 - Peter Rabbit Becomes Acquainted With Mrs. Quack
2. 02 - Mrs. Quack is Distrustful
3. 03 - Mrs. Quack Tells About Her Home
4. 04 - Mrs. Quack Continues Her Story
5. 05 - Peter Learns More of Mrs. Quack's Troubles
6. 06 - Farmer Brown's Boy Visits the Smiling Pool
7. 07 - Mrs. Quack Returns
8. 08 - Mrs. Quack Has a Good Meal And a Rest
9. 09 - Peter Rabbit Makes An Early Call
10. 10 - How Mr. and Mrs. Quack Started North
11. 11 - The Terrible, Terrible Guns
12. 12 - What Did Happen to Mr. Quack
13. 13 - Peter Tells About Mrs. Quack
14. 14 - Sammy Jay's Plan to Help Mrs. Quack
15. 15 - The Hunt for Mr. Quack
16. 16 - Sammy Jay Sees Something Green
17. 17 - Mr. Quack is Found at Last
18. 18 - Sammy Jay Sends Mrs. Quack to the Swamp
19. 19 - Jerry Muskrat's Great Idea
20. 20 - Happy Days for Mr. and Mrs. Quack

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"Hello, Jerry Muskrat! We'd forgotten all about you," said Mrs. Quack. "What was that you said?" Jerry good-naturedly repeated what he had said. Mrs. Quack's face brightened. "Do you really mean it?" she asked eagerly. "Do you really mean that you know of a pond where we could live and not be likely to be seen by these two-legged creatures called men?" "That's what I said," replied Jerry briefly. "Oh, Jerry, you're not joking, are you? Tell me you're not joking," begged Mrs. Quack. "Of course I'm not joking," returned Jerry just a little bit indignantly, "I am not the kind of a fellow to joke people who are in such trouble as you and Mr. Quack seem to be in."