Adventures of Joel Pepper cover

Adventures of Joel Pepper

Margaret Sidney (1844-1924)

1. Joel and the Snake
2. What Dave Heard
3. Deacon Brown's Nail Pile
4. The Muffin Man and the Tramp
5. On Bandy Leg Mountain
6. Ab'm's Birthday Party
7. Joel Goes A-Fishing
8. Why They Said No
9. The Bag of Rye Flour
10. Mamsie's Surprise
11. Dr. Fisher's Visit
12. At Grandma Bascom's
13. Passengers for the Boxford Stage
14. Deacon Blodgett's Bonfire
15. Old Man Peters' Cent
16. The Stage-Coach Ride
17. The Fight at Strawberry Hill
18. In the Little Brown House
19. Circus Plans
20. Circus or Menangerie?
21. Joel's Circus
22. The Minister's Chickens
23. The Blackberries and the Bull
24. How Joel Started the Fire
25. Joel Sells Shoes for Mr. Beebe
26. Miss Parrott's Coach and the Coasting
27. Princes and Princesses

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The Peppers are a family of three boys, two girls, and Mamsie. They are poor, living in their "Little Brown House", but they always manage to be happy. This book comprises the adventures of Joel, the middle Pepper child and the most mischievous. Among other things, Joel encounters a snake, a thief, and a nail pile; puts on a circus; rides on a stagecoach; and gets into a fight on Strawberry Hill!