Adventures of Grandfather Frog cover

Adventures of Grandfather Frog

Thornton W. Burgess (1874-1965)

1. Billy Mink Finds Little Joe Otter
2. Longlegs The Blue Heron Receives Callers
3. Longlegs Visits The Smiling Pool
4. The Patience Of Longlegs The Blue Heron
5. Grandfather Frog Jumps Just In Time
6. Longlegs And Whitetail Quarrel
7. Grandfather Frog's Big Mouth Gets Him In Trouble
8. Spotty The Turtle Plays Doctor
9. Old Mr. Toad Visits Grandfather Frog
10. Grandfather Frog Starts Out To See The Great World
11. Grandfather Frog Is Stubborn
12. Grandfather Frog Keeps On
13. Danny Meadow Mouse Feels Responsible
14. Grandfather Frog Has A Strange Ride
15. Grandfather Frog Gives Up Hope
16. The Merry Little Breezes Work Hard
17. Striped Chipmunk Cuts The String
18. Grandfather Frog Hurries Away
19. Grandfather Frog Jumps Into More Trouble
20. Grandfather Frog Loses Heart
21. The Merry Little Breezes Try To Comfort Grandfather Frog
22. Grandfather Frog's Troubles Grow
23. The Dear Old Smiling Pool Once More

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Longlegs the Blue Heron felt decidedly out of sorts. It was a beautiful morning, too beautiful for any one to be feeling that way. Indeed, it was the same beautiful morning in which Grandfather Frog had caught so many foolish green flies. Jolly, round, bright Mr. Sun was smiling his broadest. The Merry Little Breezes of Old Mother West Wind were dancing happily here and there over the Green Meadows, looking for some good turn to do for others. The little feathered people to whom Old Mother Nature has given the great blessing of music in their throats were pouring out their sweetest songs. So it seemed as if there was no good reason why Longlegs should feel out of sorts. The fact is the trouble with Longlegs was an empty stomach. Yes, Sir, that is what ailed Longlegs the Blue Heron that sunshiny morning. You know it is hard work to be hungry and happy at the same time.