Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse (dramatic reading) cover

Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse (dramatic reading)

Thornton W. Burgess (1874-1965)

1. Cast and Chapters 1 - 4
2. Chapters 5 - 9
3. Chapters 10 - 14
4. Chapters 15 - 19
5. Chapters 20 - 24

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Danny begins his tale regretting the length of his tail until he is corrected by Mr. Toad. Then he has a series of stalkings by Reddy and Granny Fox. He is captured by Hooty the Owl and escapes mid-flight to Peter Rabbit's briar patch. Peter goes to Farmer Brown's peach orchard and gets caught in a snare and barely escapes himself. Finally Danny gets trapped in a tin can and must use his wits to escape Reddy Fox again.