The Admirable Crichton cover

The Admirable Crichton

J. M. Barrie (1860-1937)

1. 1 - Act I; At Loam House, Mayfair
2. 2 - Act II; The Island
3. 3 - Act III; The Happy Home
4. 4 - Act IV; The Other Island

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From the author of Peter Pan:Lord Loam, a British peer, considers class divisions to be artificial. He promotes his views during tea-parties where servants mingle with his aristocratic guests, to the embarrassment of all. Crichton, his butler, particularly disapproves of this.Loam, his family, a maid, and Crichton are shipwrecked on a deserted tropical island. The resourceful Crichton is the only one of the party with any practical knowledge. Eventually, social roles are reversed, and Crichton becomes the governor.