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Wives and Daughters (Dramatic Reading)

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Molly and her father have lived alone since the death of her mother. Now Mr Gibson decides it will be in Molly's best interests for him to marry again. The new "Mama" brings to the household many changes, including a glamorous new step-sister. Mrs Gibson starts scheming to have Cynthia marry one of the sons of the local squire, but she does not understand Cynthia's reluctance or why Molly is meeting Mr Preston in the forest. Secrets, love affairs and society gossip abound in this social commentary novel written by Mrs Gaskell (author of North and South and Mary Barton). Love across the class divide, love of parents for children and step-children, love which is a 'heated fancy', love between sisters, and sincere self-sacrificing love of one person for another whether brother or beloved - all are delicately and delightfully drawn in this masterpiece of 19th century literature, and all are brought to life in this dramatic reading with a stunning cast of voices. - Summary by Beth Thomas

Cast list:
Narrated by: Lynette Caulkins and Beth Thomas
Molly Gibson: K.G.Cross
Cynthia Kirkpatrick: Amanda Friday
Mr Gibson: Joseph Tabler
Mrs Gibson/Betty/Frederick Greenwood: Elizabeth Klett
Roger Hamley: Larry Wilson
Osborne Hamley: Eden Rea-Hedrick
Squire Hamley: Michael Armenta
Mrs Hamley/Miss Pipe/Bethia: Vanessa Cooley
Lady Agnes/Martha/Miss Airy/Mrs. Bradley: Farheen
Lady Cumnor: Ruth Golding
Lady Harriet Cumnor: Libby Gohn
Lord Cumnor: tovarisch
Lord Hollingford/Williams: Rob Marland
Dick Hayward: Ryan Cooley
Hannah Oakes/Housemaid: SionedV
Helen Kirkpatrick/Mrs. Brown/Mrs. Parkes: Lydia
Housemaid 2: Hannah Mather
Lady Guest: Heather Masters
Major Coxe/Old Mr. Silas: Alan Mapstone
Maria: Miriam Esther Goldman
Marie-Aimée Scherer/Mrs. Goodenough/Lady Mary Cuxhaven: Carol Eades King
Miss Dorothy Browning: Michele Eaton
Miss Goodenough/Jenny: Woolly Bee
Miss Hornblower/Mrs. Dyson: Gemma L Myers
Miss Phoebe Browning: Maria Kasper
Mr Ashton/Mr.Roscoe/Banker: DomBombadil
Mr Coxe: BeniaminoMassimo
Mr Hall: Algy Pug
Mr Robert Preston: Brett W. Downey
Mr Sheepshanks/Robinson: Mike Pelton
Mr Wynne/Mrs. Dawes: Alex Lane
Mrs Kirkpatrick (Cynthia's aunt): Dorothy Godfrey-Smith
Mrs Silas/Dick/Groom/Mr. Kirkpatrick: Kimberly Krause
Willie/Grandchild: Evie Maria
Young Master Hamley: Zoe Trang
Audio edited by: Linette Geisel, K.G.Cross, Michele Eaton, Mary J, Kim, Bhavya, Mira Williams and VocalPenguin
Proof Listeners: Stav Nisser, Linette Geisel, Beth Thomas , MaxineMarie, Lynda Marie Neilson, VocalPenguin, Mira Williams and Bhavya

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