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Watch and Wait; The Young Fugitives

1 - Preface and Chap. I.—The Plantation of Redlawn


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One soft summer evening, when Woodville was crowned with the glory and beauty of the joyous season, three strangers presented themselves before the Grant family, and asked for counsel and assistance. The party consisted of two boys and a girl, and they belonged to that people which the traditions of the past have made the "despised race;" but the girl was whiter and fairer than many a proud belle who would have scorned her in any other capacity than that of a servant; and one of the boys was very nearly white, while the other was as black as ebony undefiled. They were fugitives and wanderers from the far south-west; and the story which they told to Mr. Grant and his happy family will form the substance of this volume. - Summary from Chapter 1 of text Listeners, please be advised that this book contains material related to slavery which some may find offensive. These types of actions and language were common during the historical period during which this account is written. **Woodville Series:** [Rich and Humble; or, The Mission of Bertha Grant]( [In School and Out; or, The Conquest of Richard Grant]( [Watch and Wait; or, The Young Fugitives]( [Work and Win; or, Noddy Newman on a Cruise]( [Hope and Have; or, Fanny Grant Among the Indians]( [Haste and Waste; or, The Young Pilot of Lake Champlain](
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