Audiobook: Two American Slavery Documents

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Two American Slavery Documents

1 - Life of James Mars, A Slave Born And Sold In Connecticut (1869) Part 1


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This recording contains two original documents. 1) Life of James Mars, a Slave Born and Sold in Connecticut, by James Mars (1869). James Mars was born in Connecticut in 1790 and spent the better part of his youth a slave working for various owners—once fleeing to the woods with his family to avoid being relocated to the South. At age twenty-five he became a free man and moved to Hartford, Connecticut, where he became a leader in the local African American community. His memoir is one of the more famous accounts of slave life in early New England. 2) Facts for the People of the Free States, by American and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society, published about 1846. This is Liberty Tract No. 2, published in New York. It contains, as one might expect, facts and arguments against the institution of slavery in the United States Of America of that period. - Summary by David Wales
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