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Tom Slade On The River

1 - The First Arrival


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Published with the permission of the Boy Scouts of America, this is one of a series of adventure books for boys telling of the adventures and exploits of scout Tom Slade and his chums. โ€œLet your boy grow up with Tom Slade,โ€ was a suggestion which thousands of parents followed , making TOM SLADE BOOKS the most popular boysโ€™ books published in their day. "They take Tom Slade through a series of typical boy adventures through his tenderfoot days as a scout, through his gallant days as an American doughboy in France, back to his old patrol and the old camp ground at Black Lake, and so on." (Lynne Thompson, with quote from the afterword)

You are listening Tom Slade On The River by Percy Keese Fitzhugh.
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