Audiobook: Year When Stardust Fell (Version 2 Dramatic Reading)

Year When Stardust Fell (Version 2 Dramatic Reading) cover

Year When Stardust Fell (Version 2 Dramatic Reading)

1 - Introduction


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Emergency can take any form. Here is a story in which the mechanical foundation of our culture is threatened... But more important, this is what happens to a small, college town caught up in such disaster. How quickly do its people dispense with their men of science and turn to superstition and mob rule for hope of survival? - Summary by The Author Cast of Characters: Narration: [Larry Wilson]( Ken Maddox: [ToddHW]( Professor Henry Maddox, bystander: [James R. Hedrick]( Mrs. Maddox: [Krista Zaleski]( Maria Larsen: [Rita Boutros]( Professor Larsen, Dave Whitaker, Mr. Allen, Dr. Hart: [Greg Giordano]( Mrs. Larsen, grouch: [Lynette Caulkins]( Granny Wicks, Dr. French: [Jenn Broda]( Sheriff Sam Johnson: [Doug Fajardo]( Mr. Wilkins, Al Miner, Jed Tucker, Harry Mason, irate man, defender: [redrun]( Sam Cluff, Deputy Henry Atkins, Dr. Adams, Mr. Harris, radio DJ: [hmpecker]( Joe Walton: [Navin]( Art Matthews: [Damian Andrews]( Ted Watkins: [Chuck Williamson]( Frank Abrams, Mike Travis, Paul Remington, Dr. Whitehead: [Wayne Cooke]( Rev. Aylesworth, Dan Morris, radio announcer, Chicago ham, woodcutter: [Rich Brown]( Sally Teasdale: [Mackenzi Flannery]( Mayor Bill Hilliard: [John de Silva]( Mrs. Watkins, Miss Haskins, defender: [Sarah Foster]( Frank Meggs, Tom Doyle, nomad: [Phil Chenevert]( W6YRE, Dr. Smithers: [Michael Broomhill]( Professor Douglas, John Vickers, Mark Wilson, Ernest Parkin, guard, defender, nomad, worker, worried guy: [quartertone]( Mr. Tucker: [Ben Tucker]( Judge Rankin, grouch: [czandra]( Berkeley ham: [KevinS]( Indignant woman: [Isabel McBride]( Sam Baker, John Sykes, Hank, sympathetic citizen, Pasadena ham, defender: [Christine Rottger](
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