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Story Girl (Version 2 Dramatic Reading)

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Carlisle on St. Edwards Island may appear to the outside world to be a quiet, rural farming town, but to a group of 8 teens and tweens, its forests, fields, and orchards are places of enchantment, wonder, and adventure! The Story Girlโ€™s captivating tales toss Bev, Felix, Cecily, Felicity, Dan, Peter, Sara, and the Story Girl into mystical, magical, and spiritual worlds filled with princesses, sailors, mythological beings, and cosmological loves. The children find themselves running through ancient forests, shooting with the stars, sailing with treasure hunters, crossing rainbows with gods, spooking alongside the family ghosts, and discovering loves lost, loves found, and loves eternal. Through their real-life adventures, conflicts, and crises, the children struggle to find their voices, figure out who they are, and discover their place in the world โ€“ all while developing lasting bonds of friendship and love, during the mystical, magical, mesmerizing adventure of growing up. (Summary by TJ Burns). **Cast** The Story Girl (Sara Stanley): [cadastra]( Beverly King (Narrator): [TJ Burns]( Felicity King: [Jenn Broda]( Cecily King: [Jasmin Salma]( Peter Craig: [Julian Pratley]( Dan King: [Diego T.]( Sara Ray: [Lydia]( Felix King: [Elijah Fisher]( Uncle Alec: [Alan Mapstone]( Aunt Janet: [Diane Castillo]( Uncle Roger: [Adam Bielka]( Aunt Olivia: [KHand]( Mr. Campbell: [Nemo]( Neil Campbell: [David Purdy]( Donald Fraser: [Lily]( Betty Sherman: [MaybeCordelia]( Billy Robinson: [Billium113]( Mr. Marwood (the minister): [KevinS]( Beverly and Felix's Father: [lorda]( Mrs. MacLaren (the housekeeper): [Tashakim4713]( The Doctor: [Adrian Stephens]( Mrs. Patterson: [Diane Alailima]( Mrs. Ray: [Kimberly Krause]( **Audio edited by:** [TJ Burns]( **Proof Listeners:** [Linette Geisel](, [MaybeCordelia](, [TJ Burns](
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