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Star-Treader and Other Poems

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Clark Ashton Smith, referred to as one of the big three of Weird Tales, was a romantic-style poet, a Lovecraftian-style writer and a literary friend of H.P Lovecraft. As a poet, he was considered one of the last great West Coast Romantics. The Star-Treader and Other Poems, published at the age of 19, was his first volume of poetry and his breakout hit. Summary by Mary Kay.

Cast List for The Masque of the Forsaken Gods:

Narrator and Aphrodite: Mary Kay
The Poet: Lucretia B.
The Philosopher, Apollo and Another Nymph: Rosslyn Carlyle
Jove and Pan: Jamie
Artemis: Jennifer Dallman
A Nymph: Greg Giordano
Ate and The Gods Together: Shakira Searle
Edited by: Mary Kay

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