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Space Cadets Tom Corbett, Roger Manning and Astro head to Venus for a tyrannosaurus hunt. Instead, they stumble on rebellion that threatens the entire Solar Alliance. - Summary by Rich Brown

Narrator: Jessica Martin
Cadet Tom Corbett: Phil Chenevert
Cadet Roger Manning: ToddHW
Cadet Astro, Sergeant (16b): James R. Hedrick
Major Lou Connel: Jon de Silva
Rex Sinclair: Jake Malizia

Cadet Tony Richards, Solar Delegate E. Phillips James, Al Sharkey, PA Voice, Venus Nationalist (11b), Venus Nationalist (14b), Venus Nationalist (15a), Sergent (16a), Pleiades Commander: Anthony Joseph
Captain Steve Strong: Ryan Williams
Commander Walters: Larry Wilson
Dr. Joan Dale: Anna Maria
Professor Sykes, Pawnshop Owner: Jack Hill
Monorail Conductor, Ticket Agent, Receptionist for S.D. James, Astro’s Assistant, Venus Nationalist (14a), Radar Operator (17): Rolga
Private Secretary to S.D. James, Agnes Keene: Jenn Broda
Roy Keene, Hilmarc, Helia, Bill Jensen: Krista Zaleski
George Hill: Scott Caulkins
Mrs. Hill, Venus Nationalist (19b): Lynette Caulkins
Venus Nationalist (7a), Venus Nationalist (13a), Gunner: cadwallader
Jet Cab Driver, Venus Nationalist (11a), Carson, Foreman: maxmagnus99
Drifi, Venus Nationalist (11c), Venus Nationalist (19): Rich BrownAstro’s Guard: TheIntern356
Lieutenant Ferris, Radar Operator (18): archive27vo
Venus Nationalist (19a): Kevin Crody

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