Audiobook: Pilgrim's Progress (version 3 Dramatic Reading)

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Pilgrim's Progress (version 3 Dramatic Reading)

1 - Preface and Dramatis Personae


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Probably the most famous allegory ever written of the Christian life, The Pilgrim's Progress follows the journey of Christian from his first encounter with the Evangelist, through his trials and doubts and as he meets various people who help and hinder him in his journey towards the Celestial City to meet his King. Part 2 follows the journey of Christian's wife and sons as they follow him along the same path past the Slough of Despond, the Castle Despair and Vanity Fair. This version was edited in 1909 by the Rev. Jesse Lyman Hurlbut to update some of the more archaic language and streamline the theological arguments to make them more accessible to lay readers. His aim was "not to re-write the Pilgrim's Progress, for that would destroy its greatest charm, but to change the words here and there to simpler ones... to make it plain and interesting". Dramatized with voices to distinguish the main characters, we hope to make this classic accessible to people of all ages. (Summary by Beth Thomas ) **Cast list:** Narrator: [Bob Neufeld]( Christian: [Beth Thomas]( Christiana: [Amanda Friday]( Mercy: [WoollyBee]( Faithful: [gloriousjob]( Hopeful: [Levi Throckmorton]( Great-Heart: [Ben Lindsey-Clark]( Valiant-for-Truth: [Shakira Searle]( Additional voices by: [Alan Mapstone](, [Algy Pug](, [Allie Christy](, [Betsy Cooley](, [Gideon Snow](, [Bria Snow](, [Chuck Williamson](, [EstherbenSimonides](, [Etel Buss](, [Fiddlesticks](, [Frances Brown](, [Dave Harrell](, [Mary J.](, [indiascaarlett](, [MaryAnne](, [Ivory Ballard](, [Ron Altman](, [Kristin Gjerlow](, [Lydia]( , [K.Hand](, [Kimberly Krause](, [E. Snow](, [Rosslyn Carlyle](, [Piper Reed](, [Vanessa Cooley](, [Todd Jenken](, [TriciaG]( and [Teresa Bauman]( Edited by: [Kimberly Krause]( and [Bria Snow](
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