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Often considered Killigrew's best play, this is a comedy with a bawdy tone where people flirt, trick each other and everyone else. It was the first play in England to be performed with an all female crew. - Summary by Kristingj

Cast List
Narration: Diana Schmidt
Master Careless: Roohi
Master Wild: Beth Thomas
Master Jolly: Michelle Eaton
Captain: Avocado
Parson: Foon
Master Constant: MaryAnn
Master Sad: TJ Burns
Lady Wild: Linda Olsen Fitak
Mistress Pleasant: Availle
Mistress Wanton: Kristin Gjerløw
Mistress Secret: Beatka10
Lady Loveall: Leanne Yau
Faithful: Sonia
Bawd: Newgatenovelist
Servant: KHand
Crop: Jennifer Fournier
Footman: Sonia
Drawer: Amy Deuchler
Boy: Kalynda
Tailor: Kathrine Engan
Watchman: Sonia
Fiddler: Sandra Schmit
Edit: Linny

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