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Maid of Maiden Lane (dramatic reading)

1 - Cast Intro, Chapter 1 - The Home of Cornelia Moran


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The Maid of Maiden lane is a wonderful love story in which Mrs. Barr intertwines the hot political and social issues that were occurring in America during the last decade of the 18th century with an excellent love story plot. Some of those issues include: the moral dilemma and debate over the French Revolution, and how that event touched the lives of the immigrants in America; the prejudices between the immigrants from England, and those from France or Holland, and how those animosities affected the ordinary lives of the people; and the political debate over titles, foreign policy, and such things(for example)as where the capital of the nation was to reside, New York or Philadelphia. The author gives us a picture of New York City that is vastly different from today, with it's residential areas and tree lined roads as the backdrop for this very interesting drama. Cornelia, the Maiden of Maiden lane, is loved by two young men. Who she chooses, and the obstacles that the two face because of the opposition of their fathers, friends, and a huge mistake that turns everything upside down, propels the story towards its climax, where a surprise character, spiritual in nature, comes to the rescue, while sacrificing her own desire for love to help the two lovers. Good character, love, and the family ties and relationships that existed during those times are very well portrayed by the author, and the book is as interesting from a historical point of view as it is from a truly interesting and sweet old fashioned love story. (Summary by Robert Hoffman)

Narrators: Tiffany Halla Colonna and Beth Thomas
Cornelia Moran: Grace
George Hyde: Chuck Williamson
Arenta Van Ariens: Amanda Friday
Ava Moran: CaprishaPage
Annie Hyde: Victoria Martin
Aunt Angelica: Elizabeth Klett
Richard Hyde: Ron Altman
Kate Hyde: MJ Franck
Joris Van Heemskirk: Algy Pug
Lysbet Van Heemskirk: Kristin Gjerløw
John Moran: Robert Hoffman
Rem Van Ariens: Michael Reuss
Peter Van Ariens: David Lawrence
Jacobus Van Ariens: ToddHW
an Englishman: Beth Thomas
John Adams: ToddHW
Mrs. Adams: April Gonzales
Mrs. Smith: KateC
Thomas Jefferson: Ken Garrett
Mrs. Wiley: KateC
Mary Damer: Charlotte Duckett
Anthony Clymer: Nathanial W.C. Higgins
Doctor Roslyn: Nathanial W.C. Higgins
Captain Jacobus: Nathanial W.C. Higgins

Prooflisteners: Tisha Bordon, Beth Thomas and David Lawrence
Audio edited by: Robert Hoffman, ToddHW and David Lawrence

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