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Upton Sinclair is best known for his novel The Jungle, an expose of the meatpacking industry. He was also a playwright whose works for the stage reflected the same progressive viewpoints found in his other writing. In The Machine, published as part of Sinclair's 1912 collection Plays of Protest, Socialist activists show a rich man's daughter the truth about the society in which she has been raised. (Summary by wildemoose) **Cast:** Julia Patterson, a magazine writer: [Elizabeth Klett]( Jack Bullen, a parlor Socialist: [Dale Burgess]( Laura Hegan, Hegan's daughter: [Arielle Lipshaw]( Allan Montague, a lawyer: [Bellona Times]( Jim Hegan, the traction king: [ToddHW]( Annie Roberts, a girl of the slums: [Lucy Perry]( Robert Grimes, the boss: [John Steigerwald]( Andrews, Hegan's secretary: [Max Körlinge]( Parker, a clerk: [Marty Kris]( Narrator: [Linette Geisel]( **Audio edited by:** Arielle Lipshaw
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