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Knights of the Square Table

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Here is a mystery story for boys of all ages - from nine to ninety. It is a typical Seckatary Hawkins tale, told by the young scribe who takes care of all the troubles and mysteries that assail him and his young friends in their old clubhouse on the river bank. Your boy - and your girl, too, for that matter - will fairly revel in this book, and many will read it over and over again. It teems with the adventure of boyhood, and while it furnishes and abundance of thrills, it does so in a manner that is bound to teach the young reader the importance of thinking for himself and of playing fair and square throughout his lifetime.

The Knights of the Square Table are an interesting lot of youngsters who conduct themselves in an admirable manner when they come upon a mystery in the Lonely House where the miser's gold is supposed to be hidden. To give the outline of the plot would be to spoil a great climax and the keen pleasure that the reader will have in the ending of the book. Suffice it to say that every boy, no matter what your age, no matter how dim those days of boyhood seem, will read this through from cover to cover with great relish. (From the original dust jacket)

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