Audiobook: Greater Life and Work of Christ

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Greater Life and Work of Christ

1 - Preface and Introduction


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It will be seen at a glance that this is not a life of Christ in the usual sense. It is not a review of the events of the earthly existence of our Lord. There is a greater life and a larger work of Christ of which his life on earth is but a single chapter. While no apology is needed for any publication of the great theme of the gospel, it may be stated that there is a special reason for such a book as this. The author has examined many works on Christ and lists of hundreds more, and has conferred with competent literary authorities, and has learned of few works, if any, covering this greater life and work of Christ. Such a study of Christ should be available. The author presents this, hoping it may in some measure supply the need, and lead to further presentation of this great theme by more competent students. (From the preface)

Chapter 1: Christ in the Eternal Past
Chapter 2: The Word: Christ in Creation
Chapter 3: Jehovah: Christ in the Old Testament Age
Chapter 4: Jesus: Christ in His Earthly Life
Chapter 5: Jesus Christ: Christ in His Present State and Work
Chapter 6: The King of Kings and Lord of Lords: Christ in the Day of the Lord
Chapter 7: Christ in the Eternal Future

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