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Dinner Club

1 - Foreword and Chapter 1: The Actor's Story


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Herman Cyril McNeile, better known as Sapper, was one of England’s most popular fiction writers during the period between World Wars I and II. He was a soldier, and his early writings mostly concerned war and the way war influenced the lives of his main characters. Because British officers were prohibited from publishing under their own names, he used the pseudonym Sapper. His best known works are ten thrillers featuring Bulldog Drummond.

Sapper also wrote a great many other novels and short stories. The Dinner Club begins with each of six men, the members of the club, telling a gripping story that relates specifically to his particular line of work (the first six chapters). All but one of the chapters that follow feature different characters. Yet to greater and lesser degrees they develop themes introduced in the first half of the book by the members of The Dinner Club. (There's also not a little romance ...) - Summary by Kirsten Wever

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