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Dance of Death

1 - Part 1, Scene 1


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_The Dance of Death_ is a play in two parts by the Swedish dramatist August Strindberg, written in 1900. It depicts the dissolution of a marriage between Edgar, an artillery captain, and Alice, a former actress. Increasingly isolated in their fort-like house, they manipulate and bait each other, until the unexpected arrival of Curt, Alice's cousin. His presence creates a tense triangular relationship that escalates throughout Part One, and is complicated with the introduction of two of the trio's children, Allan and Judith, in Part Two. (Summary by Elizabeth Klett) **Cast** Edgar: [Bob Neufeld]( Alice: [Elizabeth Klett]( Curt: [Bruce Pirie]( Jenny: [Availle]( Old Woman: [Bev J. Stevens]( Allan: [mb]( Judith: [Arielle Lipshaw]( Lieutenant: [Victoria]( Narrator: [Sean Daley]( **Audio edited by Elizabeth Klett**
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