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Curse of Capistrano (Dramatic Reading)

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The Curse of Capistrano is the first work to feature the fictional character Zorro (the Spanish word for "fox"). The story was later republished under the name The Mark of Zorro. The outlaw Zorro is Public Enemy #1 in southern California during the period of Mexican rule. But he's not a bad guy, really - he fights for justice for the oppressed. And when he meets the lovely Lolita, daughter of Don Pedro, who is on the governor's bad side, he has even more reason to fight. But she's being wooed by the rich and influential but wimpy Don Diego... - Summary by TriciaG **Cast List:** Narrator: [Christine Lehman]( Don Diego Vega / Zorro: [Tomas Peter]( Sergeant Pedro Gonzales: [Larry Wilson]( Landlord: [Jason in Panama]( Don Carlos Pulido, Corporal, A Man, Soldier, Assistant, Courier: [Nick Bulka]( Doña Catalina Pulido: [TriciaG]( Señorita Lolita Pulido: [Adele de Pignerolles]( Landlord: [Jason in Panama]( Don Alejandro Vega: [Roger Melin]( Fray Felipe, Gentleman of Age, Dispensero, Tipsy Caballero: [Phil Schempf]( Magistrado, Jailer: [Zames Curran]( Captain Ramon: [jasonlohr]( Spokesman of the Caballeros: [Chuck Williamson]( Governor: [Scotty Smith]( Another Caballero: [AnttiV]( & [Elijah]( Servant, Dealer in Hides, Third Caballero, Man: [ToddHW]( Sergeant, Guard: [Shasta]( Native: [Esther ben Simonides]( Audio edited by TriciaG Proof-listened by TriciaG & Joy M.
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