Audiobook: Clandestine Marriage


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A secret liaison and wedding. What will happen when they find out? - Summary by Michele Eaton

Cast List
Lord Ogleby: Greg Giordano
Sir John Melvil: Adrian Stephens
Sterling: ToddHW
Lovewell: Jim Locke
Canton: Alan Mapstone
Brush: Krista Zaleski
Serjeant Flower: John Payton
Traverse: Algy Pug
Trueman: Lynette Caulkins
Mrs Heidelberg: WendyKatzHiller
Miss Sterling: Annie Mars
Fanny: Jenn Broda
Betty: Adrienne Prevost
Chambermaid: Mira Williams
Trusty: Lauren-Emma Blake
Servant: David Purdy
Narrator: Michele Eaton

You are listening Clandestine Marriage by David Garrick, George Colman the Elder.
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