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Camp of Wallenstein

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This is the first play of Friedrich Schiller's Wallenstein Trilogy. Set in a Bohemian camp during the Thirty Years War, it introduces the major characters of the rest of the trilogy, like Albrecht von Wallenstein and Max Piccolomini, from their subordinates' point of view. (Summary by Libby Gohn)

Cast List:
Narrator: Libby Gohn
Peasant, Dragoon, Second Cuirassier: alanmapstone
Peasant Boy: Charlotte Duckett
Sergeant-Major: Larry Wilson
Trumpeter: KHand
A Hulan: David Olson
A Sharpshooter, Schoolmaster, Recruit: Kristin Gjerløw
A Croat: BeniaminoMassimo
An Artilleryman: Arnaldo Machado
First Yager: ToddHW
Second Yager: bala
Soldier-Boy, First Arquebusier: TriciaG
Sutler-Woman: Julia Niedermaier
Servant Girl: Savannah
Citizen: Availle
Capuchin: Peter Tucker
First Cuirassier: Algy Pug
Second Arquebusier: Rosslyn Carlyle
Second Sharpshooter: Anna Simon
Edited by Libby Gohn

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