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Blue Bird: A Fairy Play in Six Acts

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The Blue Bird is a 1908 play by Belgian author Maurice Maeterlinck. On the night of Christmas a boy and a girl, Tyltil and Mytil, are visited by Fairy Berilyuna. Fairy's granddaughter is sick and can only be saved by the Blue Bird. Thanks to the Fairy's magic gift children have the opportunity to see the soul of things. Inanimate objects Clocks, Fire, Water, Bread, Sugar, Milk transformed into beings with their own character. Together, they set off on a dangerous journey for the fabulous Blue Bird. The play is inspired with the deep idea of the author "be brave enough to see the hidden." - Summary by ShiNeko, Wikipedia **Cast List:** Tyltyl: [KHand]( Mytyl/ The Child One: [Beth Thomas]( The Fairy/ The Neighbour: [Kathy Wright]( The Dog/ Granny Tyl/ Gaffer Tyl: [Ron Altman]( The Cat: [ToddHW]( Light / the little Girl: [Amanda Friday]( Bread/ The Loaf: [tovarisch]( Fire: [Chuck Williamson]( Water: [Sarah Alaine Swart]( Sugar: [Mary Kay]( Milk: [Etel Buss]( Daddy Tyl/ The Oak/ The Luxury: [Arnaldo Machado]( Mummy Tyl/ Maternal Love: [Rebecca Braunert-Plunkett]( The Brothers and Sisters Tyl: [Megan Clavie-Parker](, [April Walters](, [Lydia](, [MaryAnnS](, [TriciaG](, [Tomas Peter]( Night/ The Child Thirteen: [Availle]( The Poplar/ The Sheep: [Frances Brown]( The Lime-Tree/ The Child Ten: [Elizabeth Klett]( The Willow/ The Joy of Understanding: [Etel Buss]( The Fir-Tree: [Ashur Gharavi]( The Chestnut-Tree/ The Ass: [Mark Chulsky]( The Beech/ The Elm/ The Child Seven/ The Child Twelve: [Phil Chenevert]( The Cypress: [Amy Gramour]( The Ivy/ The Child Eleven: [April Walters]( The Rabbit / The First Child of Lovers: [Sarah Alaine Swart]( The Cock: [David Purdy]( The Horse/ The Child Three: [MaryAnnS]( The Bull: [Algy Pug]( The Ox: [Oxenhandler]( The Cow/ The Child Fifteen: [Lydia]( The Pig: [Miriam Esther Goldman]( The Wolf: [Dillon McFarlane]( The Happiness: [Savannah]( The Joy of Being Just: [Valerie Becker]( The Joy of seeing what is Beautiful: [Little Tee]( The Child Two /The Second Child of Lovers: [Rosslyn Carlyle]( The Child Four: [Sarah Jennings]( The Child Five/ The Child with the Melons: [TriciaG]( The Child Six: [Abby]( The Child Eight: [Rachel]( The Child Fourteen: [Tomas Peter](ttps:// The Child Sixteen: [Saffie]( Time: [Jason Mills]( Stage Directions: [MaryAnnS](, [Anastasiia Solokha]( Editors: [TriciaG]( , [MaryAnnS]( and [Anastasiia Solokha](
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