Audiobook: Short Nonfiction Collection, Vol. 048

Short Nonfiction Collection, Vol. 048 cover

Short Nonfiction Collection, Vol. 048

1 - Aphorisms 15-22 (1746)


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Fifteen short nonfiction works in the public domain, independently chosen by the readers. Topics include philosophy and thought--Phtah-Hotep, Petrarch, Diderot, Bertrand Russell, and the Weymouth New Testament; adventure and travel--a survival story by Mark Twain and a woman's sojourn in Saltillo, Mexico; immigration and war--Benjamin Franklin on the assimilation of German speakers, Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, the League of Nations, and an essay on potatoes and war; geology--on the origins of chalk; a critique of one-act plays, a biography of H.H. Munro (Saki), and Emerson's advice to Thoreau to clear his brain by writing poetry. Aphorisms by Diderot was translated by [Margaret Jourdain]( Petrarch's Secret was translated by [William H. Draper]( The Instruction of Ptah-Hotep was translated by [Battiscombe G. Gunn](
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