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Ram Alley, or Merry Tricks by Lording Barry

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Ram Alley, or Merry Tricks, is a bawdy comedy by Lording Barry, a contemporary of Shakespeare. The production bankrupted Barry, landed him in debtor's jail, and set him off on a life of piracy. The action of Ram Alley takes place in a disreputable London lane where lawyers, lords, and ladies rub shoulders with prostitutes and vagabonds. One 19th century editor complained that it was "full of gross passages, allusions, and innuendoes," but more recent commentators have seen past the risque gags and recognised the play's wit, complexity, and intelligence. Ram Alley has only been revived three times since 1611, but recently came close to topping a poll of academics to find the best 'forgotten' play by an Elizabethan/Jacobean dramatist. - Summary by Rob Board

Narrator: Kristin Gjerløw
Sir Oliver Smallshanks: Andrew Utley
Thomas Smallshanks: davidpr
William Smallshanks: Rob Board
Boutcher: Negatron
Lady Sommerfield: Elizabeth Klett
Constantia Sommerfield: Lynne Thompson
Frances: Beth Thomas
Mistress Taffeta: Alex Lane
Adriana: Sandra Schmit
Lieutenant Beard: Hamlet
Throat: Peter Tucker
Dash: Hannoria
Justice Tutchin: Richard Shipp
Captain Puff, aka Captain Face: Zames Curran
Sergeant: alanmapstone
1st citizen: Lydia
1st & 2nd gentleman: Joseph Tabler
A drawer: Ruth Golding
Serving man: Mary Kay
1st woman: Availle
Constable: Newgatenovelist
Audio edited by: Rob Board

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