Audiobook: Queen Zixi of Ix

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Queen Zixi of Ix

1 - Chapter I. The Weaving of the Magic Cloak.


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Fairy Queen Lulea and her merry band, in a quest to relieve themselves of boredom, decide to create a new magical amusement. They weave a beautiful magic cloak that grants its wearer a single wish. The Queen tells a fellow fairy to give the cloak to the most unhappy mortal she happens to meet. She hands it over to the sister of Noland's new king, recently coronated and still trying to figure out how to rule. The witch-queen of Ix, taking notice of the cloak and Noland's power struggles, hatches a plan steal the cloak and become even more powerful (possibly taking over Noland in the process)! Will the new royals withstand her attempts? Published in 1909, this novel, though not an official part of the Oz canon, takes place in Ix and Noland, Oz's bordering countries. Baum also considered it to be his best work. It was also adapted into a now-fragmented silent film in 1914. - Summary by Mary Kay

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