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Quality Street

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Two sisters living on Quality Street set up and run a school for children after the local doctor heads off to fight Napoleon. Ten years later he returns, thinking that all the adventures have been his, and that the old life in Quality Street has waited, as in a sleep, to be resumed on the day of his return. Katharine Hepburn starred in a movie version made in 1937. The Quality Street chocolates were named after the play. - Summary by ToddHW Cast list: Valentine Brown – Suitor of Miss Phoebe: [Tomas Peter]( Miss Phoebe Throssel – A School Mistress: [Beth Thomas]( Ensign Blades – A Young Officer: [Donald Gilmore]( Lieutenant Spicer – A Young Officer: [ToddHW]( Susan Throssel – Sister to Phoebe: [Leanne Yau]( Patty – Maid-of-all-work in service of the Throssel sisters: [Availle]( Recruiting Sergeant: [alanmapstone]( A Waterloo Veteran - Old Soldier: [Larry Wilson]( Arthur Wellesley Tomson: [EikyTavie]( Miss Willoughby: [Jael Baldwin]( Miss Fanny Willoughby: [Sonia]( Miss Henrietta Turnbull: [KHand]( Miss Charlotte Parratt: [Anna Vos]( Isabella: [Diane Alailima]( Harriett: [Lauren-Emma Blake]( Gallant: [EikyTavie]( Stage Directions: [MaryAnnSpiegel]( Edited By: Β [ToddHW](
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