Audiobook: Pollyanna Grows Up (Version 2 Dramatic Reading)

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Pollyanna Grows Up (Version 2 Dramatic Reading)

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Pollyanna visits Boston for the summer and stays with the grumpy, miserable, yet very wealthy Ruth Carew. Lonely in a big city away from her old companions and forbidden from talking to strangers, Pollyanna begins to despair of ever making new friends. Through her teenage years and into adulthood, will Pollyanna and her glad game be able to make a difference in the light of persistent grumpiness, disabilities, crippling poverty, and a major personal loss? - Summary by Eliza

Customer: Marie Christian
Della Wetherby: blueriveriris
Dr. Charlie Ames: Wayne Cooke
Dr. Thomas Chilton: Doug Fajardo
Ex-Prisoner: Wayne Cooke
Jamie: MoonLylith
Jerry: llamaart
Jimmy: David Purdy
John Pendleton: ToddHW
Lady: TJ Burns
Mary: Krista Zaleski
Milly Snow: Glendav7
Mr. Bean: Wayne Cooke
Mrs. Murphy: Nammy
Mrs. Snow: Lynette Caulkins
Nancy: oogiesragdoll
Narrator: James R. Hedrick
Nurse: Yuqing
Policeman: James R. Hedrick
Polly Chilton: WendyKatzHiller
Pollyanna: Jenn Broda
Ruth Carew: Dawn Sutton
Sadie: Marie Christian
Timothy: James R. Hedrick
Young Man: Doug Fajardo
Young Woman: TJ Burns
Audio Edited By: Eliza
Proof Listened By: Eliza and KHand

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