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Pee-Wee Harris (Version 2)

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Last summer I went down to where my uncle lives and spent vacation there and I had a peach of a time and all the things I did are told in the first story, but there are a lot of things left over and I’m going to tell these in another story. There are snakes and peach orchards and everything down there. Then comes the second story and that’s about a dandy mistake I made. Gee whiz! I’ve made better mistakes than any feller in our troop. I didn’t make it on purpose, but anyway it led to a lot of dandy adventures. That’s one good thing about mistakes, anyway. But one thing sure, if I had got into the right automobile I would have just gone about two blocks. So that shows that the wrong one may even be better than the right one. Only you bet I’m not going to tell you all about that story here. Then comes the third one and that’s the one where I started the Pollywog Patrol. It didn’t last long, but that’s all right, because pollywogs don’t last long. It wasn’t a full patrol, except we were full of dessert—three helpings. If you want plenty of dessert you’d better read that story. After that story comes the fourth one and there’s where I made the dandiest mistake I ever made. Another feller helped me make it. On account of that mistake a girl was good and sorry for the way she treated me and I bet you’d say it served her right. But anyway we’re good friends now. Then comes the fifth story and that’s the craziest one of all because that’s the story where I didn’t go to a desert island on account of the desert island coming to me.... And it just gets crazier and crazier! - Summary from the foreword.
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