Audiobook: Ozma of Oz (Version 2) (Dramatic Reading)

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Ozma of Oz (Version 2) (Dramatic Reading)

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_Ozma of Oz_ was the third title in the Oz series by L. Frank Baum. In this book Dorothy is shipwrecked and lands on the shores of a fairy country that adjoins Oz, the land of Ev. There she meets Tiktok, a wind-up mechanical man; a talking chicken, Billina; and Ozma, the girl ruler of Oz who is leading a quest to rescue the royal family of Ev from their captivity by the Nome King. Dorothy is also reunited with her old friends, the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, and the Cowardly Lion. Together the adventurers travel to the Nome King’s underground kingdom and have many exciting adventures before returning to Oz, and for Dorothy, eventual return to her family in the “civilized” world. (Summary by Judy Bieber) **Cast:** Narrators: [Paul Harvey](, [staticstasy](, [David Lawrence](, [Kara Shallenberg](, [Miriam Esther Goldman](, [TriciaG](, [rymd80](, & [Mark F. Smith]( Dorothy Gale: [Elizabeth Klett]( Billina the Chicken, Sawhorse: [Miriam Esther Goldman]( Wheelers, Leader of the Wheelers, Big Red Colonel, Hungry Tiger, The Nome King: [Christian Brock]( TikTok the Machine Man, General 1: [Mark F. Smith]( Nanda the Maid & Glinda: [Raegan Payne]( Princess Langdiwere & Queen of Ev: [TriciaG]( Scarecrow: [David O'Connell]( Ozma of Oz: [staticstasy]( Tin Woodman: [Denny Sayers]( Cowardly Lion: [Padraig O'hIceadha]( General 2, Private Omby Amby, Nome Captain: [Matt L Speer]( Captain, Chief Steward, Major, Uncle Henry: [Barry Eads]( Prince Evring: [Henry Frigon]( Jinjur & Jellia Jamb: [Caroline Shapiro]( General 3: [Beverly Scott]( Editors: Jennifer Stearns & TriciaG Meta-Coordinator/Cataloging: Jc Guan & TriciaG
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