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One-Act Play Collection 007

1 - The Stepmother


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LibriVox’s One-Act Play Collection 007 includes one-act plays in the public domain read by a variety of LibriVox members. Project BC: [Michele Eaton]( ) Cast listings: **Stepmother** Narrator: [Ruth Golding]( ) Cora Prout: [Elizabeth Klett]( ) Adrian Prout: [bala]( ) Thomas Gardner: [Peter Tucker]( ) Christine Feversham: [Libby Gohn]( ) BC, Editor, PL: [Michele Eaton]( ) BC: [Algy Pug]( ) **The Woman Tamer** Narrator: [Kristin Gjerløw]( ) Katie: [Libby Gohn]( ) Chopsey Ryan: [Algy Pug]( ) Smithy the Liar: [Peter Tucker]( ) Constable Jones: [Phil Benson]( ) BC, PL, Editor: [Algy Pug]( ) **Dead Timber** Narrator: [Availle]( ) A Selector: [Algy Pug]( ) Joe: [Phil Benson]( ) Abe: [Peter Tucker]( ) Wife: [Kristin Gjerløw]( ) Mary: [Mary Kay]( ) BC, Editor, PL: [Michele Eaton]( ) BC: [Algy Pug]( ) **The Wedding** Narrator: [Anastasiia Solokha]( ) Evdokim Zaharovitch Zhigalov: [ToddHW]( ) Nastasya Timofeyevna: [Caprisha Page]( ) Dashenka: [Kristin Gjerløw]( ) Epaminond Maximovitch Aplombov: [Ali Kazerani]( ) Fyodor Yakovlevitch Revunov-Karaulov: [Peter Tucker]( ) Andrey Andreyevitch Nunin: [MaryAnn]( ) Anna Martinovna Zmeyukina: [Libby Gohn]( ) Ivan Mihailovitch Yats: [azureblue]( ) Harlampi spiridonovitch Dimba: [Rapunzelina]( ) Dmitri Stepanovitch Mozgovoy: [Mary Kay]( ) A Waiter: [Lucy Perry]( ) Groomsman: [Elizabeth Klett]( ) Gentleman 1: [bala]( ) Gentleman 2: [Anastasiia Solokha]( ) BC, PL, Editor: [Anastasiia Solokha]( ) **The Anniversary** Narrator: [Availle]( ) Andrey Andreyevitch Shipuchin: [Peter Tucker]( ) Tatiana Alexeyevna: [Elizabeth Klett]( ) Kusma Nicolaievitch Khirin: [Algy Pug]( Nastasya Fyodorovna Merchutkina: [Kristin Gjerløw]( ) A Director of the Bank: [Lucy Perry]( ) BC, PL, Editor: [David Lawrence]( ) **Grotesques** Narrator: [Algy Pug]( ) Capulchard: [Chuck Williamson]( ) The Woman Motive: [Libby Gohn]( ) The Man Motive: [Peter Tucker]( ) The Girl Motive: [Kristin Gjerløw]( ) The Sprite Motive: [TriciaG]( ) The Crone Motive: [Lucy Perry]( ) Voices: [TriciaG]( ) The Owl: [Anastasiia Solokha]( ) BC, PL, Editor: [Chuck Williamson]( ) **A Tragedian In Spite of Himself** Narrator: [Anastasiia Solokha]( ) Ivan Ivanovitch Tolkachov: [bala]( ) Alexey Alexeyevich Murashkin: [Ernst Pattynama]( ) BC, PL, Editor: [Anastasiia Solokha]( ) **The Slave With Two Faces** Narrator: [Janet]( ) Life, The Slave: [bala]( ) First Girl: [Lucy Perry]( ) Second Girl: [Anastasiia Solokha]( ) A Woman: [Kristin Gjerløw]( ) A Man: [ToddHW]( ) A Young Man: [Mary Kay]( ) A Workman: [ToddHW]( ) Old Man: [Bev J Stevens]( ) A Voice: [TriciaG]( ) Another Voice: [Mary Kay]( ) Third Voice: [Availle]( ) BC, PL, Editor: [Lucy Perry]( ) **The Masque of the Two Strangers** Narrator: [ToddHW]( ) Joy: [TriciaG]( ) Laughter: [Frances Brown]( ) Song: [Kristin Gjerløw]( ) Dance: [Amanda Friday]( ) Service: [Mary Kay]( ) Poetry: [Prachi Pendse]( ) Hope: [Lydia]( ) Princess Douce-Coeur: [Anna Simon]( ) Sorrow: [Availle]( ) Fame: [Ali Kazerani]( ) Riches: [Prachi Pendse]( ) Power: [Lucy Perry]( ) Love: [Ali Kazerani]( ) Jester: [Anastasiia Solokha]( ) Herald: [Mary Kay]( BC, PL, Editor: [Frances Brown]( ) **Fourteen** Narrator: [bala]( ) Mrs Horace Pringle: [Kristin Gjerløw]( ) Elaine: [Frances Brown]( ) Dunham: [Algy Pug]( ) BC, PL, Editor: [Bria Snow]( ) **Moonshine** Narrator: [clarsach]( ) Luke Hazy: [clarsach]( ) A Revenue Officer: [gregevans](
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