Audiobook: Old Friends, Essays in Epistolary Parody

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Old Friends, Essays in Epistolary Parody

1 - Friends in Fiction


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"Every fancy which dwells much with the unborn and immortal characters of Fiction must ask itself, Did the persons in contemporary novels never meet? In so little a world their paths must often have crossed, their orbits must have intersected, though we hear nothing about the adventure from the accredited narrators. In historical fiction authors make their people meet real men and women of history—Louis XI., Lazarus, Mary Queen of Scots, General Webbe, Moses, the Man in the Iron Mask, Marie Antoinette; the list is endless. But novelists, in spite of Mr. Thackeray’s advice to Alexandre Dumas, and of his own example in “Rebecca and Rowena,” have not introduced each other’s characters" (from the Introduction). In this volume, Andrew Lang shows, what a letter from one fictional character to another might look like.

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