Audiobook: Multilingual Short Works Collection 025 - Poetry & Prose

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Multilingual Short Works Collection 025 - Poetry & Prose

1 - Chinese - 蜀道難 [Shǔ dào nán]


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This is our 25th collection of short pieces, poetry or prose, fiction and non-fiction, in several different languages (except standard English) as listed below. All chosen and recorded by Librivox volunteers. (Summary by ToddHW) Chinese - 蜀道難 \[Shǔ dào nán\] - 2:29 李白 \[Li Bai\] Keywords: scenery, challenge, danger, desolation, dreariness, exaggeration, myth, legend, concern, depravity [Link to Text]( Chinese (read in historical Chengdu dialect) - 蜀相 \[Shu xiang\] - 0:50 杜甫 \[Du Fu\] Keywords: Chengdu, admiration, three kingdoms, regret, praise, lament, expectations [Link to Text]( Esperanto - La ovala portreto - 10:37 Edgar Allan Poe, translated by Albert Frank Milward Keywords: Esperanto translation of „The Oval Portrait” [Link to Text]( German - Das gemordete Kind, aus Lettische Märchen - 1:49 Victor von Andrejanoff Keywords: multilingual, german, fairy tale, haunt, ghosts [Link to Text](ärchen/M/Lettland/Victor+von+Andrejanoff:+Lettische+Märchen/Das+gemordete+Kind) Italian - Alla sera - 1:33 Ugo Foscolo Keywords: multilingual, italian, foscolo, poetry, sonnet, evening, darkness, death, peace, time, restlessness, war, patriotism [Link to Text]( Italian - Ben venga maggio - 2:24 Angelo Poliziano Keywords: multilingual, italian, florentine, florence, renaissance, ballata, angelo poliziano, de medici, tournament, spring, may, youth, love, pleasure, carpe diem, transience, brevity of life, vanita [Link to Text]( Italian - Inferno, Canto V - 9:16 Dante Alighieri Keywords: Paolo e Francesca, second level of Hell, lust, lovers [Link to Text]( Italian - In morte del fratello Giovanni - 1:26 Ugo Foscolo Keywords: multilingual, italian, catullus, foscolo, poetry, sonnet, death, grief, burial, funeral rites, exile [Link to Text]( Latin - Carmen CI - 1:52 Gaius Valerius Catullus Keywords: multilingual, latin, catullus, carmina, death, grief, funeral rites [Link to Text]( Latin - De Herotionte, Epìgramma V.35 - 1:38 Marcus Valerius Martialis Keywords: multilingual, latin, martialis, martial, epigrammata, epigram, death, child, grief [Link to Text]( Latin and French - Orientis Partibus - 4:10 Anonymous Keywords: multilingual, latin, french, medieval, feast of the ass [Link to Text]( Luxembourgish - Fréjorsdoft - 1:01 Michel Lentz Keywords: nature, spring, poetry, fun [Link to Text](|issue:2833780|page:89) Macedonian - Т'га за југ \[Tga za jug\] - 2:00 Konstantin Miladinov Keywords: longing, lake, homesickness, sadness, natural treasures [Link to Text]( Maltese (medieval) - Il Kantilena - 1:50 Pietru Caxaru Keywords: oldest known Maltese poem, l-eqdem poeżija bil-Malti, xideu il cada, huakit hi mirammiti, Caxaro, the house that crumbled [Link to Text]( Polish - Bakczysaraj - 1:03 Adam Mickiewicz Keywords: podróź, historia, przyroda, przemijanie, poezja, sonet [Link to Text]( Romanian - Departe sunt de tine... - 2:04 Mihai Eminescu Keywords: Mihai Eminescu, Poezii, Departe sint de time, Departe sunt de time, Poezia romaneasca [Link to Text]( Spanish - La ardilla, el dogo y el zorro - 4:17 Andrés Bello Keywords: Poesía, Fábula, Andrés Bello [Link to Text]( Spanish - El león y el pastor - 2:20 Esopo Keywords: moraleja, fábula, agradecimiento [Link to Text]( Spanish - Remordimiento - 8:06 Eduardo Zamacois Keywords: suicidio, desamor, rompimiento, muerte [Link to Text]( Spanish - Solo - 2:36 José Campo-Arana Keywords: soledad, reflexión, tristeza [Link to Text](
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