Audiobook: Multilingual Short Works Collection 020 - Poetry & Prose

Multilingual Short Works Collection 020 - Poetry & Prose cover

Multilingual Short Works Collection 020 - Poetry & Prose

1 - Esperanto - La Feino


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This is a collection of short pieces, poetry or prose, fiction and non-fiction, in several different languages (except standard English). All chosen and recorded by Librivox volunteers.

01 - Esperanto - La Feino key words: prose, fairy tales
02 - Esperanto - Muŝofiŝobirdoratokatohundo key words: poetry, animals, food chain, humor, children
03 - French - Enragée ? key words: Société française, 19eme siècle, voyage de noces, humour
04 - Italian - In vecchiezza key words: poetry, old age, memento mori
05 - Japanese - Kodama key words: prose, short story
06 - Luxembourgish - Un den Hèrr Perk key words: nature, praise, Luxembourg
07 - Middle English - The Fox and the Wolf key words: poetry, middle english, animals, humor, medieval, middle ages
08 - Polish - Maska śmierci szkarłatnej key words: opowiadanie, zaraza, śmierć, zabawa
09 - Portuguese - A Catedral key words: Poetry, Symbolism, Mysticism
10 - Portuguese - Hão de chorar por ela os cinamomos key words: Poetry, Symbolism, Mysticism
11 - Romanian - Cerbul key words: Poetry, fairy - tale
12 - Romanian - Dómna luĭ Négoe key words: Poetry, historical legend, The Monastery of Curtea de Argeș, Prince Neagoe Basarab, The Princess Consort Milica Despina
13 - Romanian - Niobe și Latona key words: Legends, Greek mythology, Niobe, Leto
14 - Romanian - Timpul key words: poetry
15 - Russian - Сфинкс (Sphynx) key words: prose
16 - Spanish - Los anteojos de color key words: short story, fiction tale, nobel prize // relato corto, cuento, premio nobel
17 - Spanish - Noche servia key words: fiction, war, short tale, ficción, guerra, relato corto
18 - Spanish - Primera epístola del Almirante Cristobal Colón dando cuenta de su gran descubrimiento key words: Carta, Conquistadores, Descubrimiento América, Historia, Biografías//Letter, Conquistador, Historical Documents, Biography, New World
19 - Spanish - El Prisionero key words: romance, poesía
20 - Spanish - ¿Qué conviene hacer? key words: Ensayo, Cárcel, Reformas prisión, Estudios penitenciarios //Essay, Jail, Prison reform, Penitentiary studies

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