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No, not the famous “Of Mice and Men” you’re thinking of. Instead, we have a sweet romantic comedy that tells the story of a bachelor, Mr. Embury, who decides to conduct an experiment to see if he can create the perfect wife for himself. To do so, he chooses an orphaned girl named Peggy to become his ward and ultimately his wife. Peggy, however, thinks that Mr. Embury has plans for her to become the wife of his nephew, Captain Lovell, whom she believes is in love with another woman . A critic who was not fond of sentimental stories called this play a fairy story with a sincere spirit and one they could actually believe in. - Summary by Jenn Broda

Cast list:
Mark Embury (A scholar, scientist, and philosopher): Adrian Stephens
Roger Goodlake (His friend and neighbour): Greg Giordano
Captain George Lovell (His nephew): Krista Zaleski
Sir Harry Trimblestone: Alan Mapstone
Kit Barniger (A fiddler and a professor of deportment): ToddHW
Peter (Embury's servant): David Purdy
Joanna Goodlake (Wife of Goodlake): Nissy
Mrs. Deborah (Embury's housekeeper): Joanna Michal Hoyt
Peggy ("Little Britain"): Jenn Broda
Matron (Of the Foundling Hospital): Belinda Loveday
Beadle (Of the Foundling Hospital): Wayne Cooke
Molly (A kitchen maid): Lynette Caulkins
Girl: tinab37
2nd Girl: Kelly S. Taylor
3rd Girl: Devorah Allen
4th Girl: Kelly S. Taylor
5th Girl: Michele Eaton
6th Girl: Lynette Caulkins
7th Girl: tinab37
8th Girl: Kelly S. Taylor
10th Girl: ToddHW
Stage Directions: TR Love

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