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Menaechmi; or, The Twin Brothers

1 - Act 1


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Menaechimus was carried away as a child to Epidamnus. Years later his twin-brother arrives also in Epidamnus, where because of his resemblance to his brother, he is mistaken for him by everybody. "This play was the foundation of Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors." (Note that the etext has many footnotes that explain puns and allusions that might not be obvious in the translation.) - Summary by ToddHW and Translator

Cast list:
Menaechimus of Epidamnus: Greg Giordano
Menaechimus Sosicles, his twin-brother: Wayne Cooke
Peniculus, a Parasite: Alan Mapstone
Messenio, the servant of Menaechimus Sosicles: Rémi
Cylindrus, a Cook: Jake Malizia
An Old Man, Father-in-law of Menaechimus Sosicles: ToddHW
A Doctor: Sonia
The Wife of Menaechimus of Epidamnus: WendyKatzHiller
Erotium, a Courtesan: Jenn Broda
Maid-Servant of Erotium: Availle
Servant: Andrew Gaunce
Prologue: ToddHW
Stage Directions: Lynette Caulkins
Editing: ToddHW

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