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Magic: A Fantastic Comedy

1 - Act 1


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George Bernard Shaw goaded the already successful essayist and novelist Chesterton into trying his hand at a play, with this 1913 result. The play examines the powers and mysteries of faith, belief, religion, and of course, magic - a mixture that should be familiar from many of his Father Brown stories. The play's success convinced him to write a couple of other later plays. - Summary by ToddHW Cast list: The Duke: [Anthony]( Doctor Grimthorpe: [Ryyla Alder]( The Rev. Cyril Smith: [TriciaG]( Morris Carleon : [Brett W. Downey]( Hastings, the Duke's Secretary : [ToddHW]( The Stranger / Conjurer : [Kristin Gjerløw]( Patricia Carleon : [Beth Thomas]( Stage Directions : [Haili]( Edited By:  [ToddHW]( Coordinated By:  [ToddHW](
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