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Great Explorers in Space

1 - The Pioneer


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**‘The Pioneer’ by Irving E. Cox** The greatest explorer of them all returns to Earth and finds the world upside down! **‘Flight Perilous’ by Ray C Noll** A trip through the Asteroid Belt. They must make it to the other side. But will they? ‘Ask a Foolish Question’ by Robert Sheckley Douglas Adams foreshadowed. ‘The Vegans Were Curious’ by Winston Marks Alien explorers come to Earth to investigate radioactivity. They discover - \*cough – something else. ‘The Cosmic Snare’ by Milton Lesser A couple working the great gate of sub-space receive an unwanted guest. ‘Meeting at the Summit’ by Ivar Jorgenson Humankind on route to the stars. The United States President receives visitors with grave requisites. ‘The Voyage of Vanishing Men’ by Stanley Mullen The great unknown. But just what happened to Braun’s crew. Why did he come back alone? ‘Problem Planet’ by R. R. Winterbotham Three people alone. Two men argue over a woman. The best solution found. ‘The Last Plunge’ by S. J. Sackett What lies below the atmosphere of Uranus? What creatures lurk in its atmosphere? How can they be exploited for money? ‘Planet of Doom’ by Stephen Marlowe As a galactic reporter Jane Crowley knew she had hold of the biggest story of the year; but thousands of people were in peril. ‘Beware the Star Gods’ by S. J. Byrne Kuru stood his ground bravely as the ship flamed down from the sky. Truly this was a great and terrible moment. ‘Rocket Summer’ by Ray Bradbury The first great rocket flight into space, bearing intrepid pioneers to the Moon. The world's ecstasy flared into red mob-hate when President Stanley canceled the flight. How did he get that way? - Summary by Edmund Bloxam
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