Audiobook: Granny's Wonderful Chair (Dramatic Reading)

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Granny's Wonderful Chair (Dramatic Reading)

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Her most famous work, Granny's Wonderful Chair, was published in 1856 and it is still in print to this day. It is a richly imaginative book of fairy stories and has been translated into many languages. This work, read as a child by Frances Hodgson Burnett, inspired the writings of Little Saint Elizabeth and Other Stories (Summary by Wikipedia and Linette Geisel)


Narrator: Linette Giesel
Storytelling Chair: Phil Chenevert
Female 1: Beth Thomas
Female 2: Amy Gramour
Female 3: rashada
Female 4: ChyAnne Donnell
Female 5: Joyce Couch
Female 6: Kalynda
Male 1: Glenn Previtera
Male 2: Algy Pug
Male 3: bish
Male 4: Matthew Reece
Male 5: David Lawrence
Male 6: Ernst Pattynama
Male 7: Steve Belleguelle
Male 8: Ken Felt
Male 9: Ken Felt

Project Editor: Phil Chenevert

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