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File No. 113

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As the story opens the impregnable safe of the Fauvel bank is robbed of 350,000 francs. As the only keyholders are Andre Fauvel the owner and his trusted head cashier it stands to reason that one of the two must be guilty. Both adamantly refute the charge. Enter the celebrated detective, and master of disguise, Monsieur Le coq who is determined to prove the accused Prosper Bertomy innocent and why he was framed. Believing the crimes linked he enlists the aid of "The Squirrel'', an aspiring detective, in order to unravel the ingenuous plot of two despicable scoundrels, the Marquis de Clameran and Raoul Lagors, who have coerced the banker's wife and his niece Madeleine into giving up their money and precious jewels. With his methodical and superior investigative skills Le Coq uncovers the past betrayals, deceit, lies and family secrets that led to this vile plot which has affected so many lives. (Summary by Celine Major)

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