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Faust is the protagonist of a classic German legend; a highly successful scholar, but also dissatisfied with his life, and so makes a deal with the devil, exchanging his soul for unlimited knowledge and worldly pleasures. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's _Faust_ is a tragic play in two parts. It is Goethe's most famous work and considered by many to be one of the greatest works of German literature. Rich in classical allusion, in Part Two the romantic story of the first _Faust_ is forgotten, and Faust wakes in a field of fairies to initiate a new cycle of adventures and purpose. The piece consists of five acts (relatively isolated episodes) each representing a different theme. (Summary modified from Wikipedia) **Cast List** Narrator / Stage Directions: [Availle]( Mephistopheles: [Algy Pug]( Faust / Plutus / Doctor Marianus: [Dan Raynham]( Ariel, Herald, Peneus, Guardsmen / First Guardsman, Heavenly Host, Pater Ecstaticus: [Bob Gonzalez]( Emperor, Gardeners, The Griffins / Second Griffin, Pater Seraphicus: [Beirdo]( Squire, Page, Boy Charioteer, Homunculus, Euphorion, Chorus of Blessed Boys: [Chris Marcellus]( 2nd Squire, 2nd Page, Wood-cutters, Fauns, Courtier, Pygmies, Pygmy-Elders, The Youths, Arch Cup-Bearer, Heavenly Host, Chorus of Blessed Boys: [Elizabeth Klett]( Chancellor, Wood-Cutters, Atropos, Knight Banneret 1, Knight, Archbishop-Arch-Chancellor: [Michael Bennett]( General-In-Chief. Gardeners, Learned Man, Chiron: [David Lawrence]( Pulcinelli, Clotho, Fool, Wagner, Generalissimo, Lynceus the Warden of the Tower, Arch-Marshall, Heavenly Host: [Wupperhippo]( Murmurs of Crowd, Treasurer, Satirist, Poet, Griffins, The Youths, Bully / 3 Mighty Men: [John Trevithick]( Lord High Steward, Gardeners, Savage Song, Diplomatist, Dactyls, 1st Spy, Guardsmen / 2nd Guardsmen, Pater Profundis: [Kevin W. Davidson]( Murmurs of Crowd, Astrologer, Lachesis, Tumult & Song, Erichtho, Dactyls, Nereids & Tritons, 3rd Guardsman, Wanderer, Chorus of Blessed Boys: [bala]( Olive-Branch / Fancy Nosegay / Garden-Girls, Aglaia, Crowd of Women, A Blonde, Lady 5 / Younger Lady, Sirens, Maiden, Younger Angels: [Vanessa Garcia]( Wreath of Ears / Challenge / Garden-Girls, Euphrosyne, Crowd of Women, Lady, Sphinxes, Dorides, Choretid 2, Want, Younger Angels, Magna Peccatrix: [Kristingj]( Fancy Wreath / Rosebuds / Garden-Girls, Hegemone, A Brunette, Lady 2 / Young Lady, Ants, Dorides: [Liberty Stump]( Mother, Alucto, Crowd of Women, Lady 3 / Older Lady, Chorus of Insects, Sirens, Sphynx, The Phorkyads, Choretid 6, Phorkyas, Necessity, Chorus of Angels / Chorus Mysticus: [TriciaG]( Parasites, Fear, Lady 6 / Duenna, Chorus of Insects, Lamiae, Dorides, Speedbooty, Una Poenitentium / The Penitent: [Lucy Perry]( Helena, Parasites, Crowd of Women, Sphinxes, The Phorkyads, Maria Aegyptiaca: [Patti Cunningham]( Drunken Man, Tumult & Song, Chamberlain, Baccalaureus, Cranes of Ibycus, Oread, Psylli and Marsi, Holdfast / 3 Mighty Men, Lemures, Chorus: [Kris Gannon, Braden River, Florida]( Megaera, Nymphs, Ants, Lamiae, Psylli and Marsi, Panthalis / Leader of the Chorus, Guilt, Mater Gloriosa: [Charlotte Duckett]( Tisiphone, Nymphs, Chorus of Insects, The Arimaspeans, The Phorkyads, Choretid 5, Care, Angels / Chorus Mysticus: [Kim Moses]( Prudence, Lady 4 / Oldest Lady, Nymphs, Pygmies / Pygmy-Elders, Choretid 3, Mulier Samaritana: [Lani Small]( Hope,The Arimaspeans, Lamiae / Empusa, Choretid 1: [Miss Avarice]( Zoilo-Thersites, Sphinxes, Dryad, Galatea, Choretid 4, Baucis, More Perfect Angels: [Amy Gramour]( The Starveling / Avarice, Giants, Knight Banneret 2 / Knight 2, Famulus, Griffins, Manto, Nereids and Tritons, Telchines, 2nd Spy, Philemon: [Herman Roskams]( Savage Song / Satyr, Second Chamberlain, Seismos, Proteus, Guardsmen/Fourth Guardsman, Lemur: [Jason Mills]( Fauns, Gnomes / Deputation of Gnomes, Architect, Emmets, Thales, Arch-Chamberlain, Chorus of Angels / Angels / Chorus Mysticus: [Andy Cotterly]( Gnomes / Deputation of Gnomes, Anaxagoras, The Youths, Havequick / 3 Mighty Men, More Perfect Angels: [ToddHW]( Savage Song, Giants, Emmets, Nereus, Arch-High-Steward: [Chuck Williamson]( Sirens: [Libby Gohn]( Cranes of Ibycus: [Lucas Rhonemus]( Chorus, Psylli and Marsi: [Hunter]( **Edited by TriciaG**
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