Audiobook: Erasmus and the Age of Reformation

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Erasmus and the Age of Reformation

1 - Chapter I. CHILDHOOD AND EARLY YOUTH, 1466-88


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This shorter book on Erasmus might be considered a companion to Huizinga's most famous work, The Waning of the Middle Ages. While in his magnum opus he presented a study of the forms of life and thought in France and the Netherlands in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, in this one the subject is the central intellectual figure of the next generation after the period which Huizinga called the waning, or rather the autumn, of the Middle Ages. It was first published in 1924, and so belongs to the same period of the author. Erasmus was, as it appears from many of pages, a man for whom Huizinga had a very special sympathy. - Summary by Leni

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